An Artistic Statement

Raised as a Floridian who knew nothing more than a flat piece of land suitable to play ball in. Now with a great respect for extreme season changes, slopes, rushing waters, and extreme conditions, Lawrence has adapted to mountain living and dedicated to capturing nature into digital files and extending the capture to mixed media art. Lawrence's desire is to share his findings with the world; in homes, offices, places of interest, just to show the great value of our natural resources.

Lawrence never had time for gazing at the magnificance of nature until his career drew him to his current location. With a business degree later in life he discovered that business was great but nature even greater. Now he wants to share with you from his viewpoint. 

Lawrence Crawford Photography/Art has located himself in a place where few people know the astounding beauty of nature there. All works are original, shot on location, and real images. If there is a particular shot or piece from the gallery you find appealing, make sure to contact him.

Winter Stream

Winter Meeting