ABOUT Lawrence

Nestled in the valley where the Nantahala Forest serves as the boundary of daily life at home and the scenery is in a continuous change mode; wildlife, the beauty of these great mountains of North Carolina, and the seasonal changes that can be sensed before they are seen, are as close to nature and creation as one can go. Though there are residents all around, the majestic mountains and their landscape swallow up any glimpse of civilization. In the winter however, the places of abode for us humans are clearly scattered all over; at night the mountains darken. The lights from the residents are the only thing that shows the magnitude of the concealed landscape; sometimes it is hard to discern the lights from the stars. Dark in the mountains is exactly that, dark; a hint of light from any location can be seen; a beautiful and massive masterpiece. Cindy and I are blessed to be here; there's not a better place for finding our inner-self and enjoying the opportunity to capture God's creation and merge it with our imagination. From people, brides, couples, singles, landscape, environment, and God's creations, we endeavor to make it the best presentation we are capable of doing.


The Workspace



The workspace is very simple; a large size computer screen, plenty of data storage and software for writing, editing, and enhancing photography and art work for the pleasure of someone. The mood for photographic work, whether inside or out, is always tilted in the right direction from the surrounding environment. The blend of pure nature and high technology is what has grasped Lawrence's appetite for this line of photography and art. Not that I claim to be the greatest photographer/artist but, it is my desire that I can touch a part of you that can deeply appreciate what we have and realize we did not create it. It was given to us within to discover it. ...

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